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Here's What Other People Say About Jeans With Joy

Joy is an amazing teacher with so much knowledge of all things denim!
I'm very grateful to be on the receiving end!

Deb H.

A Joy is an encyclopedia of Denim knowledge and she will go above and beyond in sharing her knowledge with you! She guided me in the right direction when I decided to turn my $50 find into a $3700 sale! 100% recommended

Todd R.

Joy was wonderful to communicate with. Very knowledgeable and quick to respond!! Thank you Joy!!

Kaila K.

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If you have been struggling to get your business off the ground with consistent sales, I can help.

Hi, it's me Joy!

As far back as elementary school I have been passionate about the jeans I wore. You could say I am a LOVER of denim and have always been very particular which jeans I would wear.

I began selling Jeans on Ebay and that became so lucrative that I started going thrifting for previously owned jeans and built a highly lucrative career buying and selling vintage Levi's.

I am immersed today in the business of buying and selling denim for PROFIT. For the last 8 years I have become an expert in denim and I can teach you how to become one too.

I have helped thousands of online sellers learn the art of buying and selling denim bringing them 10's of thousands of dollars in profits from simply selling denim.

Denim of all kinds, not only Levi's. From jackets, shirts, aprons, and everything in between. I am ready to help you maximize your profit in the denim resale market.

Denim is one of the most abundantly available commodities for resellers.

If you are serious about reselling online for maximum profits "Jeans With Joy" is for you.


"The Queen of Denim"

Denim Marketing Expert

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