Flipping Used CD's

Go Into Any Garage Sale, Thrift Store or Music Store and Scan an Entire Music Section in 15 Minutes knowing what to leave and what to buy!

The Fastest Way to Source, Market & Sell Used CD's Online Course

A Ready to Go Proven Systematic Approach

Learn To Make Big Money Flipping CDs on Ebay and Amazon. This course will teach you how to get started and what to looks for in any situation.


I have been selling CDs online for 18 years and I am always on top of what's hot, how to find it and how to sell it.

I know it is 2019 and you can stream, download and rip any music you want, but there is still plenty to be made flipping CDs.

I am going to be teaching all the tips and trick on finding good CDs in both thrift stores and record stores.

Are you ready to get started making some of the easiest money ever? Start your own income stream flipping CDs in your spare time. Do you want to learn how to do it?

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Introducing the Proven CD Flipping Formula

The Best Way to Source & Sell Used CD's

This is a comprehensive educational course on all areas on the subject of CD's. You will have a full understanding of where to find the money making inventory for pennies on the dollar.


Plus you will get access to the private community group which are there to support each other specifically around selling and sourcing used CD's

Geeze talk about delivery!! I think you talked over an hour and a half straight and provided so much content it was

Great webinar and totally under priced!! Great job and thanks for sharing.


Business Owner & Thrifter

Top 5 Reason Why CD Selling is More Awesome Than Anything Else

The only item that is everywhere...

  •  Garage / Yard Sales
  •  Thrift Stores
  •  Antique Malls
  •  Music Stores
  •  Estate Sales

How to QUICKLY Get Through the Shelves

Because you will know what to grab and what to leave you will be able to get through 1000 cd's in less than 15 minutes.

  •  Things to skip
  •  How to organize the store to move through it quickly
  •  What section to start at first
  •  The one section you can pretty much skip all together
  •  Why you should ignore Will Smith records!

The Two Apps You Need On Your Phone

This is where you will save the most time and know if an item has any value or not.

  •  Review of the Apps to use and how to get them FREE
  •  How to scan them and what to look out for
  •  How to look up previously sold items for price comparison

Tackling The Store

Jason will walk you through each section of the store and tell you what the jewels are and which are the duds.

  •  In-depth layout of how to navigate the shelves
  •  What are some of the labels you need to make sure to scan
  •  Limited editions that you probably seen and passed up on $100's
  •  The holy grail 3 soundtracks you MUST grab when you see them

How To Get Free Inventory

From frequent buyer programs to the ZCard

  •  Rewards programs in store
  •  Credit cards to use for purchasing
  •  Spotting the instore freebie sales

How to Restore Scratched CD's

Don't pass up those scratched CD's they are still valuable

  •  CD's that still have value even scratched
  •  How to clean damaged CD's at home
  •  Where to go locally to get professional scratch removal done

3.5 hrs

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Meet The Trainer

America's #1 Thrifter


Jason T. Smith, has sourced and sold it all. Jason lives in fabulous Las Vegas and thrifted products from some of the most famous and influential individuals in the world.  For almost twenty years he has victoriously survived a rapidly changing business he started on Ebay and Amazon. 


He experienced his public rise to fame, as the fun loving and adventurous half of TV’s Thrift Hunters duo (Spike TV; A&E Australia). Jason however has been thrifting his entire life and he has turned his passion into a lucrative career that has opened many doors for him socially and professionally.

Smith is a champion of all things small business and he speaks and trains all over the country helping other entrepreneurs and hobby enthusiast turn their passions into profits. 

  • Ebay Featured Speaker

  • Star of TV's "Thrift Hunters"

  • Founder of "The Thrifting Board"

  • The BIG Kahuna

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